Grizi La'Fleur | Indie Artist Spotlight | Winter 2015

Formally known as Grizzy Griff, Grizi La' Fleur is a 22 year old Hip-Hop/R&B artist currently residing in Austin, TX via Bronx, NY. Born Savion Griffin in the Bronx, NY, Grizi started rapping at the age of 5, reciting the lyrics of famous Hip Hop/rap artists that influenced him at the time. He soon began writing his own rhymes, hooks, and choruses at the age of 7. Grizi's lyrics as an adolescent were inspired by The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, & Snoop Dogg, to name a few. But his musical lineage has roots that run deep into a period of time that has defined our civil rights and everyday freedoms that we sometimes take for granted today.

Grizi's grandfather was a drummer/bongo player for The Last Poets, a group of poets and musicians who play a critical and instrumental role during the civil rights movement. For Grizi, maintaining a positive and inspirational message in his lyrics has message of origin. A notable one.

Grizi has some traditional musical talents as well. He is an ace with the alto saxophone and is currently practicing his electric guitar. He is well traveled as a young man, living in Bronx, NY, New Windsor, NY, Colorado Springs, CO, Augusta, GA, and Austin, TX, over a span of years.

His career as an artist launched while attending the State University of New York in Delhi. There he performed in a number of talent shows and festivals. He joined forces with other classmates to form a hip hop influenced movement, which has since grown in popularity at SUNY @ Delhi, NY and Austin, TX.

Artist Outlook As an artist, Grizi's career outlook is to provide his followers, listeners, and viewers with consistent and quality music for their personal enjoyment. Music is an essential part of Grizi's life and he wants his music to be able to play the same role in his fans' lives as well. Grizi continues to developing as an artist by discovering his own unique style and delivery of music that separates himself from the rest of the crowd. He is looking to collaborate with other influential artist from a variety of genres.

Grizi is in the process of completing all of his upcoming independent and collaborative music projects that are in the works. He is also launching his marketing and promotional campaign for the release of his 1st official EP entitled, “Excuse My Behavior”. The EP will be available for exclusive download to his subscribers and followers, and available to the public in online stores. His previous mixtape project "Blast From the Past" is currently available on

You can catch Grizi performing at the Austin Mic Exchange and various open mics around Austin. Grizi and friends are in the process of pushing their "Legit Crew" and "Tru@NYC" brands and lifestyles He is also a valued contributor to The Cypher Worldwide.

Grizi's new EP "Excuse My Behavior" featuring single "Imprint (Dynasty)" is on Soundcloud now!

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