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Privacy Policy


H2 Entertainment Group receives information about individuals visting this website through our blog activities,  inquiries and newsletter subscriptions.  This information includes (where applicable), name, email address, phone number, company name, and physical address.  Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we promise not to release any of your information without your consent. Your information will not be released or sold to any third parties.  


This does not include information already made available to the public.  To have your information removed from our database please unsubscribe or leave a request on the contact page.


H2 Entertainment Group uses a variety of materials including those licensed and obtained via royalty free  creative commons licenses.   All information displayed on this website have been reviewed and in conclusion do not plagiarize or violate anyone's rights.  Our clients' images and trademarked logos on our website are property of the respective parties and H2 Entertainment Group does not claim any ownership or affiliation of said intellectual properties and collateral.  If you have deemed any of the images, graphics, or information on our website to be in violation of your copyrights, or have been misrepresented,  please contact us to have to information and collateral edited or removed immediately.  

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